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#267 Display Multiple Excel Worksheets Side-by-Side

February 17, 2012

Several people have asked about how to see multiple Excel worksheets side-by-side at the same time. Depending what you want to do, here a few tricks you can try to save yourself some toggling back and forth.

2 or More Worksheets of Different Workbooks

1. Open the workbooks you want to view.

2. On the Window menu, click Arrange.

3. Under Arrange, click the option you want.

2 or More Worksheets of the Same Workbook

1. From the Window menu, click New Window.

2. Switch to this new window and click on the sheet/tab you want to view.

3. From the Window menu, select Arrange and check the Windows of active workbook check box.

3. Then just, click the option you want and hit the OK button.

Voila! Two windows displaying different tabs of the same workbook.

Make Use of That Second Monitor

If you’re fortunate enough to have a second monitor, one trick you can try to see a different worksheet on each screen is a bit counter-intuitive. The steps are the same as above but before you do that UN-maximize your Excel application window and size it so it spans across both monitors.

You just need to use the Restore button from the top right corner of the Excel window (shown below) and then resize so it fills BOTH screens.

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  1. Thanks! Two worksheets from the same workbook side by side. Love it!

  2. Thanks so much for this. I’m a writer out of Widgelli, Australia and what I just read here on couldn’t
    be said much better. Going through this information reminds
    me of my old roommate, Yvette. He always kept preaching about this.
    I will definitely send this stuff to him. Pretty sure he will have
    a very good read. I appreciate you for posting this.

  3. kevin permalink

    Hi, I cant make the two monitors work? Trying to open the same workbook, different tab on different monitors that way i can cut and paste links

    • @Kevin are you trying to open one big Excel window spanning across your monitors or are you opening Excel twice with different spreadsheets in each?

  4. Mike Price permalink

    I do the two monitor trick all the time in both Excel and Power Point (when stealing slides from my previous presentations or when comparing them). In Excel, I’d really like to scroll through the spreadsheets and keep the two windows in synch. Show me how to do that & you’ll be my hero for the day (maybe even the whole weekend!)

    BTW, I prefer to keep the Excel windows in one instance. This allows me to copy/move whole tabs between the spreadsheets. As I recall, you can’t do that between two instances.

  5. Brent Stegner permalink

    Great job with the tips! I have always wanted to be able to use both monitors for larger spreadsheets or when working with two and did not think about the “counter-intuitive” method you described. Thanks.

  6. Emily Thackery permalink

    I am with Randy and I tend to open to versions of excel so I can work on two monitors. What I am wondering though is there a way to automatically open a new version of excel when opening a different worksheet?

  7. Randy Hevener permalink

    What I think is a better solution when using two monitors is to open up each worksheet up in a separate excel program.

    • Thanks Randy that is another option. Personally, with the antiquated computer that I am stuck with I try to minimize the number of applications running at one time but if your PC will handle that is a great option too.

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