#8 Linkification (2 of 2)

Creating links to different types of items in Lotus Notes.

Last week we saw how to create hotspot links in Lotus Notes. This week we’ll dig into several different ways you can use these types of links.

Linking to shared network folders/documents:

The most common items you will probably want to link to are documents and folders stored on shared network drives. The format for this type of link is as follows:


Remember, that the recipient must have access to the linked item or they will see something like this:

Also, the odds that your link will work are better if you use the full UNC path instead of a mapped drive letter such as H: If you use a drive letter, the recipient may not have an H: drive or has an H: drive different from yours.

For example, here are two links to the same publicly accessible folder:

T:\TrngPublic\Instructor Resource Materials

\\Hqwhslfs002\tspo\TrngPublic\Instructor Resource Materials

Go ahead and try it out. Which one works for you? (Sorry those will only work for AEP folks)

Unless you have a T: drive exactly the way I do the first one didn’t work. However the second one should work for everyone.

Now, this is great stuff – but here is where Microsoft makes things difficult. Windows does not allow us to copy the full UNC path of a file or a folder. So how in the world can we link to the full path if I don’t know what it is?

Fortunately, there is a nice, simple utility that you can install to make this SUPER easy.

Path Copy adds an option to your right-click menu that copies the path of a file or directory by simply right-clicking it in the Windows Explorer, as shown below.

To install Path Copy, download the file from here. Then right-click the file you just downloaded and choose install. That’s all it takes, just a few seconds and you’re all set.

After installing, Path Copy, all you need to do is locate the file or folder you want to link to in Windows Explorer. Right-click on the file or folder and choose Copy Path > Copy Long UNC Path. Then you can paste the correct link into an email or any other type of document.


Mailto — A mailto URL opens an e-mail application (such as Notes mail) and enables the user to send e-mail to the person specified in the link.



» Email with a subject:


» Email with cc:, bcc: and subject:


These links can be included in emails, most documents and web pages.

Link to NetMeeting:

A callto: link opens NetMeeting and calls the specified computer. The important thing to remember is that the computer you are calling must have Net Meeting open in order to receive your call.

The format looks like this:


where address-to-be-called is the IP address or computer name of the PC to be called.

» Using a host PC Name ( callto:pcname+type=host )


» Using an IP address: ( callto:IPaddress+type=ip )


A previous edition’s NetMeeting tip tells you how
to find out what your PC Name and IP address are.


3 thoughts on “#8 Linkification (2 of 2)

  1. Jo Logan says:

    the link to install “path copy” opens a window in another language, other than English.
    Are we permitted to install this? if so, do you have an English version?


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