#9 iNotes

Access Notes e-mail and calendar via your web browser

Have you ever been at someone else’s desk and wished that you could access something out of your own email? Or maybe you’re traveling without a laptop and need to check your calendar? This week’s tip will show you how you can do that from any computer on the AEP network.

iNotes is a web browser version of Lotus Notes that gives you access to your email, calendar and other Notes documents without requiring you to use the Lotus Notes software.

Getting started using iNotes is as easy as setting a password from within your Lotus Notes client software and knowing where to point your web browser.

Setting your iNotes password:

iNotes, Notes browser and Sametime use the same password so if you’ve already got a password for one of those you can skip this step.

    1. From anywhere inside your Lotus Notes mailbox, go to the Actions menu and selectChange Notes Browser Password.
    2. Enter a new password. Click OK.
    3. Enter the new password again. Click OK.
    4. Click OK again.
    NOTE: It can take up to 2 hours to replicate across the notes servers for this to be ready for your use. You will not be notified when the Notes Browser password takes affect, so you will need to either wait 2 hours to log in, or try logging in at any time up to 2 hours until you are successful. Your Notes Browser password does not expire.

Accessing iNotes:

Once you’ve established your iNotes password you’re ready to start using iNotes:

    1. Open Internet explorer.
    2. Type aepmail into the address line.
    3. Press the Enter key or click Go.
    4. You should see a login page as shown below. Enter your user id and the iNotes password you set in the steps above then click the Loginbutton.

    5. Upon login navigate using the tabs across the top of the page as shown.

Customizing your Welcome Page:

When you first open your mailbox, via the browser, you can select a layout for your Welcome page. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to choose you can always change it later via the “Edit Layout …” button.

    1. To customize you’re welcome page select a page layout style and then tell Notes what to display in each panel. You have your choice of New mail, Today’s schedule, To Do list, Web Page, and Quick Links.
    2. When you’re finished click the Save & Closebutton.

To learn more:

    » There are a couple of items in the Tech Notes & Tips database.

    » And lots of helpful information under the help link located in the top right-hand corner of any page within iNotes.

    » Search the web for iNotes tips.


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