A “Delicious” Tip

Since Halloween was this week and I can’t show up on your doorstep in my costume to collect my candy (aren’t you happy about that?!) I thought I’d come knocking on your email doorstep instead.

Instead of candy I’m hoping to get a good tip from you — no not that kind of tip, you can put your wallet away.

Just about everyone has at least one favorite shortcut or time saving trick that they “couldn’t live without”. Since all of us collectively are smarter than any one of us individually I’m hoping you will help make the rest of us a little smarter by sharing your favorite tip or helpful hint.

Something for your goodie bag

Since you are being so generous, (you are aren’t you?) I don’t want to leave you with nothing in return. Here is a “Del.icio.us” tidbit for you.

Del.icio.us is a social bookmarking site. OK, what the heck does that mean? Take a look at this short 3 minute video to see how it works. This is a great introduction.

Things you can do with Del.icio.us

» Access all of your links from any computer.
» Synch your bookmarks between computers
» Use it for research, planning, collaboration and more.

Interested? Here are some more resources to get you started

» Read more about it here.
» Sign-up here.
» Check out my shared bookmarks.
» Go here to find out more about how to be a power user


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