#53: Rename a batch of photos

Whether Santa just brought you a digital camera or you’ve had one for years, you’ve probably noticed that when you copy your photos to your computer they all have these nice and useless names like DSC0089.jpg, etc. Of course, this name tells you nothing about what the pictures are about or when they were taken.

Here’s a nice shortcut that will let you rename a batch of photo files with more useful file names so you can tell the Christmas at grandma’s pictures from one’s of the bachelor party in Vegas.

To rename your digital photos:

1. Open the folder where your photos are stored.
2. From the Edit menu, choose Select All. (Or just select the ones you want to rename)
3. Right-click on the first file in your highlighted list and select Rename.
4. Type the name you want to use for these photos.

Note: Be sure to type the file extension after the file name — usually .jpg

5. Press enter on your keyboard. This renames all your photos with the name you entered above plus a sequential number added to the end.

i.e. if you named these photos “Summer Vacation 2007” your file names will be Summer Vacation 2007(1).jpg, Summer Vacation 2007(2).jpg, etc. etc.

Photo Management Software

If you take a lot of photos and are interested in something to help you manage them including tasks like lighting corrections, cropping, special effects, etc. you should check out Picasa. Picasa is free and makes ordering prints, email your pictures and posting them online SUPER EASY. I use it all the time and highly recommend it.



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