#54 Shrink Your PowerPoint Files

Have you ever been working on a presentation that is turning into the “PowerPoint that Ate Pittsburgh” with your file size ballooning out of control and you have no idea why? Here is a quick, easy trick to slim down that PowerPoint file size. Think of it as Microsoft’s version of the Biggest Loser. Just this morning I shrank a presentation from over 52MB down to less that 2.5MB using this method.

The following steps apply for PowerPoint 2002 and later. If you have PowerPoint 2000 or earlier go the http://aps and get Office XP (AEP folks only-the rest of you are probably already well beyond both of these versions.)

How to Shrink Your PowerPoint File Size:

1. Right-click on any picture in your presentation, and then click Format Picture on the shortcut menu.

2. In the Format dialog box, click the Picture tab, and then click Compress.

3. Under Apply to, do one of the following:

To compress all the pictures in your presentation, click All pictures in document.

4. Under Change resolution, do one of the following:

If your presentation will be used for a screen show, click Web/Screen.

If you plan to distribute your presentation as printed pages, click Print.

5. Under Options, select the Compress pictures check box and the Delete cropped areas of pictures check box.

6. Click OK.

7. If prompted, click Apply in the Compress Pictures dialog box.

PowerPoint compresses the picture or pictures for you automatically.

The Toolbar Way:

You can also use the Compress Pictures button on the Picture compress your pictures.

Here’s how you can do this if you have PowerPoint 2007

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