#126: PowerPoint Presenter’s View

If you’re not a PowerPoint ninja and don’t know all the handy keyboard presentation shortcuts or if you’d like to see your slide notes on your laptop while keeping them hidden from your audience you’ll probably like PowerPoint’s Presenter View.

Presenter View

In Presenter View, PowerPoint will give you a sort of mission control center for your presentation that only you will see and looks like this. (Your audience only sees your slides.)

In this view you will see:

1. Slide Thumbnails; click a thumbnail to jump directly to that slide

2. Current Slide; this is the slide currently being shown to the audience.

3. End Show button.

4. Black-out button; click this button to temporarily darken the audience screen, and then click it again to show the current slide.

5. Up Next; gives the title of the slide that will appear on screen with the next click.

6. Forward & Backward buttons to progress through your presentation.

7. Slide number (for example, Slide 7 of 12) and Elapsed time, in hours and minutes, since the start of the slide show presentation.

8. Speaker’s notes; displayed only on your laptop – these are not shown on the overhead projector

Setting it all up

Here’s how to set this up for your next presentation.

1. From the Slide Show menu, click Set Up Show.

2. Under Multiple monitors, select the Show Presenter View check box.

3. Select which display you want the slide show presentation to appear on.

NOTE: You won’t be able to do this unless you have two monitors or are connected to an overhead projector.

What the audience sees


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