#130 Excel: Double-click Tricks

OK, lots of Excel stuff lately. If you’re ready for a different topic tell me about it. But I think these are pretty good ones this week even if you’re only a sometime Excel dabbler. Here are some double-click actions that will definitely save you some time.

And just in case that’s not enough (geez you’re awfully demanding aren’t you?) I’ve also included an awesome Excel website at no extra charge. 😎 So get your mouse clicker finger warmed up and ready. Here we go….

Adjust column widths by double clicking on the separators

You can automatically size your columns by double-clicking the right edge of the column heading separator. I *THINK* this one is pretty well known but it is SO useful I wanted to include it to be sure no one misses out.

Bonus: Select multiple columns before clicking the separator to size them all at once.

Jump to first or last cell of a row or column

Double-click cell-border in the direction you want to go and you’ll be transported. This is the equivalent of using the End + Arrow key on the keyboard.

Auto-fill a series of cells with data or formulas

This one is super handy when have a table where in one column you have some data and in the next you have written a formula in the first row. You could copy/paste it down the entire rest of the column, or you could just, double click in the bottom right corner and watch the magic happen.

NOTE: This trick works for formulas and auto-fills (series of numbers, dates, etc.) as long as the adjacent column has data in it.

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Did you know these already? Drop me a note and let me know.

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