#151: Presentation Cheat Sheet

If you’ve ever thought that it would be nice to put all your commonly used buttons from all the different toolbars in one place, this week’s tip is just for you. The Microsoft Office programs make it really easy to create your very own personalized toolbar and trick it out with whatever buttons you want. You can even add menu items and buttons aren’t normally on ANY toolbar.

Action Shortcut
Start presentation from first slide F5
Run next animation or advance to next slide Enter or Spacebar (or click the mouse)
Return to the previous slide Backspace
Jump to a particular slide Type the slide number and press Enter
Jump to the first slide Home
Jump to the last slide End
Black out screen / Resume B (or period)
White out screen / Resume W (or comma)
End Slide Show Esc key (or hyphen)
Erase Annotations E
Display pen pointer CTRL + P
Display arrow pointer CTRL + A
Hide Pointer & Pop-up Menu CTRL + H
Display shortcut menu SHIFT + F10
Jump to next hyperlink on slide TAB
Jump to previous hyperlink on slide SHIFT + TAB
Launch selected hyperlink ENTER

If you work in PowerPoint much you might also be interested in these good PowerPoint Resources.


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