#152: Free & Easy Online Meetings

Do you ever use Net Meeting for screensharing? Have you ever wished for a better option? Well we actually do have a pretty good (and free!) alternative in the form of Lotus Sametime Meetings.

I’m not sure why it is kept such a secret but you can access Sametime Meetings here: http://dslim1or.aepsc.com/STCENTER.nsf (Sorry AEP only link.)

Once you login, you can schedule your meeting including options such as:

  • whether the meeting is open to anyone or only available to those you specifically invite
  • whether you’ll require a meeting password
  • adding content slides [ see the list of supported formats here ]
  • allowing group chat within the meeting or not
  • whether you would like to record the meeting

Meeting Details

Once you’ve scheduled your meeting you’ll receive a nice, neat summary with all the details via email which you can add to a meeting invitation and/or forward to the attendees including the file attachments you’ve associated with the meeting.

In-Session Features:

Once your in session you’ll be able to use features such as:

  • screen sharing among any/all participants
  • use group chat
  • share web sites
  • use the polling tool to gather feedback
  • use the whiteboard feature

If you’re not at AEP or if you’re curious about other options check out these free alternatives: Yugma, DimDim, Vyew.com, and others. Also many web meeting tools have a “3 for free” option that allow you to do these types of online meetings for up to 3 people at no cost.

Got any questions about how you can use these types of collaboration tools?


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