#153: Easy (But Deceptive) Excel Tricks

I came across an article recently titled “10 Things I Can Never Remember to Do in Excel” and it prompted me to think (Scary I know.) and I remembered being asked about these tricks a number of times but have always forgotten to share as a weekly tip. So without further ado here is my own version, “Excel Things I Can Never Previously Couldn’t Remember to Share”

Show/Hide Cell Formulas

If you ever work with formulas in Excel, I’m willing to bet that at some point you need to check under the hood and easily see what formulas you have in your spreadsheet. Instead of doing this the longer and more convoluted way via Excel options you can toggle the display on the fly just by pressing the following key combo:

CTRL + ~

If you select a specific cell whose formula you want to troubleshoot, Excel will also show you the dependent cells for the formula. (as indicated by the blue outlined cells on the right below)

Line Breaks Within a Cell

Another fairly common question I’ve gotten that may seem beyond simplistic – until the day you can’t remember how to do it – is how to create a line break WITHIN a cell. To create a multiple-line entry in a cell, you can’t just press [Enter] to insert a line break, since that will take you into the next cell. Instead, you all you have to do is press

ALT + Enter

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