#155 Word Shrink to Fit

Have you ever had a Word document where the last couple of lines spill over and are ‘orphaned’ on the last page all by themselves? Wouldn’t it be nice to shrink it just enough to fit neatly on the previous page with everything else?  What would you do?

You could spend time manually tweaking your document or you could simply click the Shrink to Fit button. Available only in Print Preview, the Shrink to Fit button will automatically tweak your document so it fits. Word tries to do this by intelligently reducing the font size across the Styles currently used in the document. So be sure to look through the formatting once again before printing the document.

How to Shrink Your Printout

This button is only available in Print Preview mode.

1.  On the File menu, click Print Preview.
2.  Click Shrink to Fit button (shown below)



Note:  In order to shrink the document, Microsoft Word decreases the font size of each font used in the document. You can undo a Shrink to Fit operation by clicking Undo Shrink to Fit on the Edit menu. However, after you save the document and close it, there is no quick way to restore the original font size. And depending on your document it may not always get you where you want to be .



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