#157: Working With Non-contiguous Cells

Did you know that you can use the CTRL key to select non-contiguous cells in Excel? Holding the CTRL key down while you select cells will let you select multiple cells even if they are not next to one another. This week we’ll see a couple of the reasons you might want to use this trick.

Quick Calculations:

One handy use for this trick is in conjunction with the status bar feature that allows you to see the Sum, Average, Min, Max, etc of the selected cells. (Right click on the status bar displaying the result to switch between which calculation you want.)

Quick Data Entry:

Suppose you want to put the entry in two or more cells. Using the old-fashioned way, you’d probably make your entry into the first cell and then copy and paste that into all the others right? Here a relatively unknown tip that makes short work of placing the same entry in multiple cells. First, select all the cells you want to populate. Type the entry, but don’t press Enter. Instead, press CTRL + Enter. When you do, Excel will copy what you typed into all of the selected cells.

See It In Action:

What new technology gadgets did you get for Christmas?


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