#168: Collaborative Authoring Update-TypeWith.me

In a previous tip, I shared a nifty  real-time collaborative authoring tool, called Etherpad which generated some pretty good interest. At the time Etherpad had just been acquired by Google to become part of Wave, and it’s status was sort of up in the air. Etherpad has now  been opensourced by Google.

Not that it’s been opensourced it has been  “frozen in time” and released  as TypeWith.Me

Like Ethepad, TypeWith.Me is a solid, simple, as-you-type document collaboration webapp with no sign-up required.

Getting started is as simple as clicking the New Document button on the site’s home page. You’re instantly dropped into an edit-ready page where you can start typing right away, or import an HTML, plain text, RTF, or Word document.

Each online document has its own unique URL you can share with others for real-time co-editing, and there’s a small window for chatting on your edits. TypeWith.me helpfully assigns different colors to each author so you can easily track who’s typed what, and the app instantly synchronizes as you type so changes appear in real time. When you’re done, export your work to one of six file formats, including Word, PDF, and HTML.

Go to my document to try it out and add some comments.

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