#169: Editing in Word’s Print Preview Mode

I’m guessing that you’ve probably seen Microsoft Word’s Print Preview mode that displays a document as it will appear when printed. It shows you the formatting, columns, pictures, shapes, and even header and footer text, giving you a complete look at your document without having to print it.

You may have even noticed that in Print Preview, your cursor changes into a magnifying glass, which allows you to zoom in and out. Never noticed? Go ahead and give it a try. We’ll wait for you.

Zooming is nice. Of course, when I zoom I usually find the typos, etc that the spell checker didn’t catch.  Wouldn’t it be handy if you could make those simple corrections right there in Print Preview mode? If you think so then you’re in luck – you can. It is very simple, just not quite so obvious.

How to edit a document in Print Preview mode:

1.   Click the Magnifier icon on the Print Preview toolbar.

This turns off the magnifier and changes the cursor back to the regular insertion point marker (I-beam) you’re used to.

Now you can edit your brains out! When you want to zoom, just click Magnifier again. Any edits you make in Print Preview will become part of your document; Word retains those edits when you return to Normal view. (Just be sure to save it before exiting Word.)

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