#171: Using Snap Off Toolbars in Microsoft Office

One of my favorite Office tricks and an easy way to boost your efficiency when working on documents is to snap-off the menus and float, or “pin” them open.  Many of the office toolbar options have drop-down menus which can be “pinned” to your workspace and kept open until you choose to turn them off.  This can be done in Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

OK, so about now you’re probably thinking why would I ever want to do this? Snapping off a function from a toolbar will keep it turned on so you can continue to use the function without renegotiating it every time you need it.  This can be a big time saver.

Here are some of the tools I like to snap off.

When working with tables in Word I like to snap off the table borders function.

When working in PowerPoint the most common ones that I snap off are the Basic Shapes and the Order functions. (Shown below.)

What do you think? Which tools will you be snapping off?


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