#175: Reroute Your Google Map

I’m a big fan of Google Maps and all the handy things you can do with it. If you ever use it for directions you’ll probably be interested in this weeks tip — how to tweak the directions that Google gives you.

For example, if you want to make a side trip to grandma’s house, avoid a toll road, or just take your favorite shortcut; it’s easy to change your route in Google Maps. Just drag and drop.

To change your driving directions on the fly, hover your mouse over the point in your route you’d like to change. You’ll see a small square which represents a control point in the route. Click on or near the route and drag it to a new path. Your path is instantly updated, and your driving directions change to reflect the new route.

This is a powerful tool, but it’s easy to accidentally overdo it. If you find that you’ve changed your route too much, you can use the back arrow on your browser to undo the damage. (Or use the ‘Undo’ link above the map.)

See It In Action:

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I really like the ‘Search Nearby’ trick and LOVE that I can use it on my smart phone (Blackberry, iPhone,etc.)  What’s your favorite thing to do with Google Maps?


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