#179: PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts

Most people use the mouse and cursor to navigate the PowerPoint features.  However, there’s a faster way.  And that’s by using keyboard shortcuts.

Common Keyboard Shortcuts

In addition to the Cut, Copy & Paste keyboard shortcuts, here are the ones I use most often in PowerPoint:

Duplicate Slides & Objects:

CTRL+D =  duplicate slides or objects

Create a new slide

CTRL+M = create a new slide

Learning New Shortcuts

If you’re like to start using the keyboard for your most frequent actions but don’t know what they are, you can learn them by watching the menus you’re currently using. Most menu functions display the corresponding keyboard shortcut. [ This is true for all the Microsoft Office applications.]

Accessing Menus Via Keyboard

When you look at the top of the toolbar, you’ll notice that some letters are underscored.  For example, the file menu read as, File.  When you press the ALT key, that will highlight the menu.  Then select the underscored letter and it will active the menu item.  From there, just keep pressing the underscored letter of the feature you want to use. For example, to access the Edit menu press ALT + E, then type to copy something press the ‘C’ key. If you’re not a keyboard person, it might take a little getting used to, but once you get it, you’ll be PowerPoint much more efficiently.

See the full list of keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint

What is your favorite PowerPoint shortcut?  Leave a comment and let me know.


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