#182: Navigating Excel Tabs

You probably know that you can navigate from tab to tab in an Excel spreadsheet by simply clicking the tab you want to jump to.  And you might even know the keyboard shortcut to move up or down from tab to tab. [ Ctrl+PageUp  / Ctrl +PageDown  ]

But did you also know that you can right-click the sheet tabs navigation bar? The sheet tabs navigation bar is the set of arrows in the bottom left-hand corner of the Excel window, in front of the tabs.

Right-clicking in this sheet tab navigation area gives you a pop-up listing of every tab in your workbook. Just click the one you want and you are instantly teleported* to that tab. This is really handy for spreadsheets with lots of tabs. Particularly when you have so many tabs that they don’t all fit on your screen like the example below.

* Teleportation technology is a registered patent of the Flux Capacitor Corporation

Do you have any Excel tricks you’d like to share?


2 thoughts on “#182: Navigating Excel Tabs

  1. Michelle says:

    I like the new format and it’s easy navigation. And, I subscribed to your RSS feed. The flux capacitator comment will have many fans in the org!


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