#186 Quick & Easy Excel Charts

To continue our simplicity theme from last week, I’d like the share a really quick and easy way visually compare the data values in your Excel spreadsheets.  Excel charts can do a lot of cool, powerful things but they can also be an exercise in frustration sometimes. This week we’ll see how to use the REPT function in Excel to create a simple ‘chart’.

This trick is great to visually illustrate how each value compares to others. So if a picture is worth a thousand words, a chart has got to be worth at least 500 right?

What It Does

The REPT function will repeat a character of your choosing and draw a quick “chart” of your data.

The syntax of this function looks like this:

=REPT(“text to repeat”, # of times)

For example, =REPT(“*”,5) will display  *****

How It Works

Take a look at this example. Then follow the steps below to see how it was done. Or download a copy and explore it for yourself.

1.  For this example, select cell C2.

2.  Enter the following formula, =REPT(”I”,B2).

3.  Copy the function in C2 to cells C3:C6

The characters are entered as text.  So if you want to tweak the size, color or other formatting you can just change the font color, text size, etc just like the contents any other regular cell.


3 thoughts on “#186 Quick & Easy Excel Charts

  1. Cayti burch says:

    I needed this ten years ago – had to create a pipeline schedule that did this and ended up coding it all in Visual Basic – and I am NOT a computer guru, so it took quite a lot of time. This is too cool!


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