#187 Removing Hyperlinks

In Microsoft Office, when you type a website address or email address it automatically gets turned into an active hyperlink. Many times that’s OK, but not always . For those times when you’d prefer that it remain as just regular text, here are several ways to fix it.

There are several easy ways to get rid of hyperlinks. Pick your favorite and off you go!


If you want to correct it immediately after it happens, just do a quick ‘Undo’ and the link will be removed leaving only the text as you typed it.


Right-click the hyperlink and choose Remove Hyperlink

Removing multiple links at once

In Word, you can remove even remove all the links from an entire document. All you need to do is simply select the entire document [ CONTROL + A ] and then pressing CONTROL + SHIFT +F9. This strips out the links leaving just the plain text.

Turn Them Off Permanently

If you find yourself removing these links a lot, you might want to just disable the function that automatically makes the hyperlinks.

1.  From the Tools  menu, choose AutoCorrect Options .

2.  Click the AutoFormat As You Type  tab.

3.  Uncheck the Internet and Network Paths With Hyperlinks  option in the Replace As You Type section

Have you ever wrestled with hyperlinks in your Office documents?!


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