#189: PowerPoint – Just a little nudge

Have you ever wanted to place something “just so” on a PowerPoint slide, but as you drag it with your mouse, it jumps to a spot as if it has a mind of its own? It’s close to where you wanted it,  but not quite right. If you have, you know how frustrating that can be.

An easy way to fix this is to use the arrow keys on the keyboard instead of dragging it with your mouse. The arrow keys will “nudge” the object left, right, up or down, just a little bit at a time, so you can get it EXACTLY where you want it.

Really Small Nudges

If you need an even finer degree of control,  holding down the Ctrl key while using an arrow key will give you smaller nudges and more precise placement of  your objects.

Keep reading only if that’s still not good enough… (geez, you are particular aren’t you?)

The CTRL+ARROW trick nudges the object in a 1-pixel increment. What 1 screen pixel represents relative to the slide area depends on the zoom percentage. When zoomed in to 400%, 1 screen pixel is a relatively small nudge distance on the slide. When zoomed out to 25%, 1 screen pixel is a relatively larger nudge distance on the slide. Therefore, if you want to use smaller nudge distances to refine the placement of objects on a slide, zoom in and use the CTRL+ARROW keys.

Is this helpful or do you just get it close and call it good enough?!

2 thoughts on “#189: PowerPoint – Just a little nudge

  1. If it’s any comfort you’re definitely not alone! 😎 And for straight lines, hold the SHIFT key while you’re dragging them. Perfectly straight every time!


  2. Cayti burch says:

    Definitely helpful! Drives me stinking nuts! when I can’t get something just so on the slide….I may have slight OCD about straight lines…. :o)


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