#191: Tame Your Word Tables

When working with tables in Microsoft Word, simple grids are pretty simple. But what about those time when you need some “custom” cells? Maybe you want larger and smaller cells, rows, having different numbers or sizes of columns, or various columns divided into varying configurations.  (If you’re wondering why you would ever want do that, go check out this tip about using tables for better document layouts.)

You can use the Draw Table feature to sketch the exact dimensions of your table and get things perfect the first time without having to pull your hair out in the process. Plus, there’s even an eraser function that will let you remove cells just as easily as you can add them.

Easy Control of Complex Tables

Before you start, make sure to turn on the Tables and Borders tool bar.

To create a new table just click the Draw Table icon and drag diagonally on the screen. As you drag, a dotted line displays, to show you the size of the table.

To add rows just drag across the table and drag down to add columns.

If you need to remove anything just click the Eraser button and drag a line to erase it.

How easy is that? Go ahead and play with this and never have any trouble with tables ever again!!!


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