#194: Copy Excel Page Setup Settings Between Sheets

Many print settings, like orientation, margins, headers, and so on, are specific to each worksheet. For instance, you Sheet1 could be in landscape with one-inch margins while Sheet2 is portrait with three-inch margins.

When adding a new worksheet, Excel assigns the default page setup settings. If all of your sheets require the same settings, you can simply adjust the defaults. However, it’s not uncommon to need different settings on different tabs in a workbook. You could manually set all those options. But in keeping with our “work smarter, not harder” theme, here’s how you can transfer the settings from one sheet to the another:

Transfer Page Settings From One Tab to Other Tabs:

1.   Select the source sheet, that contains the settings you want to transfer.

2.   Select the target sheet(s) — the sheets you want to update –  by pressing the [Ctrl] key and clicking each sheet tab you want to pick up the source formatting.

3.   Select Page Setup from the File menu and click OK.

That’s all there is to it.  The target sheet(s) now have the same print settings as the source sheet. Wasn’t that “smarter” than resetting all those tabs individually?


Make sure you select the sheets in the right order — source, then target(s). Otherwise, you’re copying to wrong settings to the wrong place!

Don’t forget to ungroup your sheets when you’re done.  If  you forget, Excel will execute any action you take on all the sheets in the group.

Do you have any printing tricks that you find helpful?

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