#196: PowerPoint Notes Pane

One of my life’s missions is to rid the world of ‘slideumentitis’ – a very serious disease that afflicts millions of people everywhere. Slideumentitis is the result of misusing PowerPoint by combining your slides with a document. The result is something that makes a poor document and even worse slides. It’s never pretty – just don’t do it!

Click here to learn about why text filled bullet point slides are so bad.

One of the ways you can help solve this problem is by moving your text off your slides and down into the Notes pane.  Trust me – your audience will thank you!

The notes pane is located below each slide in the Normal view.

Use Your Notes in Presenter View:

Another great use of the Notes pane is when you use the Presenter View you can see your notes but your audience only sees your slides!

Printing Your Notes:

If you want to print these notes for yourself as speaker notes and/or your audience as handouts, all you need to do is choose “Notes Pages” from the Print dialog box.

Using the Notes pane instead of creating slideuments is one great step on your way to becoming a PowerPoint ninja! And remember to always follow the ‘Golden Rule of Presenting’….

Never give a presentation you wouldn’t want to sit through yourself!


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