#199 Excel: Automatic Column Sizing

Many people probably already know that you can automatically size any column in Excel by double-clicking right edge of the desired column in the column header. But recently I’ve seen that not everyone knows how to use this trick for every column in your spreadsheet with a single action.

How It Works:

The trick for getting this to work is to select the entire worksheet by clicking Select All button and then double-clicking the boundary between any two column headings.

NOTE: The Select All button is the space in the worksheet headers above row one and to the left of column A.

See It In Action:

Here’s an example from one of my spreadsheets.

I love this trick and use it all the time. How about you? What’s your favorite method for managing your column widths?

One thought on “#199 Excel: Automatic Column Sizing

  1. Joe S. says:

    I wasn’t aware of the double-click trick, so both are great news to me. Thanks.

    Ctrl + A is the default keyboard shortcut to “Select All” in most programs including Excel.


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