#202: Murphy’s Law & More Handy Utilities

I’ve proven to myself once again that good ol’ Murphy and his law are never far away. Last week I forgot a couple of the best things that should be included in this compilation of helpful applications and tools we’re working our way through now.

Linking to Network Documents & Folders

Amazingly Microsoft has never provided any good way for us to link to documents and folders on a shared network drive. We covered the how’s and why’s of this way back in issue #8 including the not so obvious steps of installing Path Copy.

Ninotech Path Copy is what I and many other people have (Thanks for reminding me Ted!)

Path Copy Copy is a similar tool worth checking into.

Password Manager

In the past I’ve covered how to create good passwords and how to check to see how good they are. (Editor’s Note: this is my most popular tip ever) This is all great stuff but the challenge is how in the heck do you keep track of and remember the gazillion passwords we have. The answer, at least for me, is that I can’t – not without something like KeePass to remember them for me. Feel free to go take a look at my post on Keepass and how it works or just go grab a copy for yourself at Keepass.info

Finally, if you’re interested in other options here are Ten Free Ways to Track Your Passwords

OK, now let’s see how long it is before Murphy strikes again? What else have I forgotten? I’d love to hear what things you couldn’t live without.


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