#204 Free & Easy Online Meeting Tools

I realize that for many people meetings are the bane of our corporate existence. But having the option to attend them online instead of needing to drive or fly for hours to do so is definitely a huge plus. This week I’d like to share a couple free online meeting options that might save you a trip or two sometime…and the way people drive these days that’s a huge plus.

If you Google “online meeting” you’ll find a ton of options that let you set up an online meeting that people can attend remotely from anywhere they have an internet connection. You’re probably familiar with a few of the big names; WebEx, GoToMeeting, etc but those can get pretty expensive.

For a quick, impromptu meeting or if you only need to do an occasional online meeting, you might want to check out these two free options. One of the great things about both of these is that all you need is a web browser to attend a meeting *
(* if you are sharing your screen as a host you’ll need a small download)


Join.me is a web browser-based tool that allows you to share your PC’s screen with anyone who has access to the web. The basic, free version provides screen sharing, chat, file transfer and the ability to remotely control the computer of any attendee. (if they will let you of course!)



Vyew is another free, browser-based option with a few more features than Join.me including functions for uploading & presenting documents, asynchronous document reviews and more. Check out the full list of features here:


There you go. The next time you need to meet, present, review or train people in other locations give one of these a try. …no need for planes, trains, automobiles or lumpy hotel pillows.
If these simple, free ones don’t look sufficient let me know. I’ve used about all of them at some point, including other free and paid ones. It doesn’t take much for these to pay for themselves just in saved travel costs.


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