#209 Great Online ‘to do list’ Manager

A New Year often means a fresh start on many things that we want to keep track of.  So whether it’s a personal resolution or just the regular stuff you need to do,  you should check out todo.ly for organizing your ‘to do’ lists.   Personally, if I don’t write something down somewhere I’ll probably forget it – and if I write it on paper, I’ll probably loseit.  So I’ve started using this site and it’s been working well for me.  Of all the possibilities for tracking your to do list, this one strikes the right balance of simplicity, accessibility and functionality.

Regardless of how long and complex your lists are you’ll probably find something to like about this free, easy to use option.  In addition to providing access to your list from anywhere, todo.ly allows you to organize your tasks into groups and projects, filter based on the kinds of things you want to see.  Plus it is  easy and quick to edit your tasks or drag and drop them into new projects. Best of all, the service is intuitive, simple to use, and completely free.

I hope your new year is of to a great start and that you have included learning in your goals for the new year!? What would you like to learn this year?


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