#215 Instapaper: A simple tool to save web pages for reading later

Have you ever found something online that you really wanted to read but just didn’t have the time for at that moment? This week I’d like to share a pretty cool and useful way to handle those situations. Instapaper is a simple tool for keeping track of those things you want to read later.

Getting Started:

Getting started with Instapaper is very simple.

1. Register for an account

2. From the Extras page drag the bookmarklet up to your browser’s bookmark bar.

Now you are ready to grab anything you want to save for reading later when you have the time by simply clicking the “Read Later” bookmarklet- sort of like Tivo for the web.

Clicking that bookmarklet adds the page to your personalized list of things to read later stored on instapaper.com. It’s sort of like creating your very own, personalized newspaper – and you don’t even have to retrieve it from the bushes when the paper boys aim is a bit less than accurate.

Delicious is a great place to save it as a bookmark if you decide it’s worthy after reading it.

So next time you find a great article at work that you’d like to read over a cup of coffee at home, reach for your Instapaper bookmark and it’ll be there patiently waiting for you whenever you’re ready.


Since my last special offer was so well received I thought I’d throw in a few additional tricks for you at no additional charge. But you must act fast – supplies are limited! 😎

Email: You can also email links or long emails such as newsletters, etc to the secret, unique email address that comes with your account.

iPhone/iPad: Yes, there’s an app for that too. View your saved pages in the mobile-optimized Text view. Instapaper is great for commuters and iPod Touch owners because it stores your articles for reading even if you’re offline. There are over 130 iPhone and iPad apps that support sending pages directly to Instapaper.

Is that a better option than what you’re using now? Let me know I’d love to hear how you’ve been handling this so far.


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