#218 You’re Officially Invited

If you’re world is anything like mine, the majority of things you receive are directed AT you as opposed to being an invitation to a conversation. Personally, I’d choose the invitation approach every time. That way you at least have the option to decline it right?

Over the past few months I’ve set up a few things to enable me to invite you into a conversation. So consider this your official invitation to ‘talk back’. I occasionally hear from some of you, but in relation to the number of people who get this email it’s less than 1% (assuming that 99% of you don’t route this email directly to your trash folder!)

You are all smart people and I don’t think anyone would argue that collectively you’re many times smarter than I am myself.

1. Quick poll that will take 10 seconds or less

I’ve had some great suggestions lately for future tips that I’d love to get your opinion on via this one question poll. Remember if you don’t vote you can’t complain about the results!

Quick poll that will take 10 seconds or less

2. Tips Blog

In case you haven’t noticed, each week’s tip is posted and stored on a blog which is linked to at the top of every issue. So there is no need to fill your in-box with all those past emails because they are online. Plus the blog is a great place to ask questions and post comments that everyone can benefit from. Go ahead. Jump over there to check it out and leave a comment while you’re there.

3. Facebook

Do you Facebook? If you’d like to get your weekly dose of tips over there, or if that is the place you’re already having conversations jump in and join us there.


I look forward to hearing from you sometime. if you choose to accept the invitation. But if not, that’s OK too and I won’t think any less of you for it. 😎


3 thoughts on “#218 You’re Officially Invited

  1. Stacy Edwards says:

    So glad your tips are out there to refer back to without having to keep an additional copy on my computer. By the way, I have used several tips—one of my favorites was the tip about “ugly charts”. Thanks for sharing so much useful information!


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