#220 Dropbox: Like ‘Magic’ For Your Files

Dropbox: Like ‘Magic’ For Your Files

Dropbox is software that syncs your files online and across your devices. Put your files into your Dropbox folder on one computer, and they’ll automatically appear on any of your other computers that also have Dropbox installed. There are even Dropbox apps for your smartphone or mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry). Even if you aren’t at your own computer and don’t have a smartphone you can still access your files from the Dropbox website too!

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File Sync:

With Dropbox, your files are always in sync. Let’s say you’re editing a document in your Dropbox folder. As soon as you press Save, Dropbox will sync this file to all your other computers and mobile devices instantly and automatically. It’s as if you saved the document to all of your computers at the same time. This gives you the freedom to work anywhere and always have the files you need.

File Sharing:

Dropbox lets you share files easily. You can easily share entire folders or photo albums with Dropbox. Simply put the folders you want to share in your Dropbox, and invite people to them. You can also send people links to specific files within your Dropbox. This makes Dropbox perfect for things like group projects.

Online Backup:

With Dropbox, online backup is automatic. Any file you put into your Dropbox folder is automatically backed up to their servers. Even if your computer has a melt-down, your files are safe on Dropbox and can be restored at any time. The free 2GB account is perfect for backing up smaller files and documents, and you can pay for more if you need it. (up to 100GB)

Undo & Delete:

Dropbox lets you go back in time to undelete or undo changes to files. Every time you save a file in Dropbox, Dropbox syncs it to their secure servers. Dropbox keeps a history of every change you make so that you can undo any mistakes and even undelete files. By default, we keep 30 days of history for all your files. If you need it, you can upgrade to an unlimited undo option called “Pack-rat”.

What Does It Replace?

If any of these things sound familiar, you might want to consider Dropbox:

» Emailing file attachments to yourself and other people

» Using USB drives to move files between computers

» Renaming files to keep a history of previous versions

» Complicated backup software and hardware

Convinced? Go ahead and get started here!

Before you get away for the weekend, I just want to say a great big ‘Thank You!’ to everyone who took the time to weigh-in on what type of tips you’d like to see here. You can check on the results here if you’re curious and I’ll try to start mixing in some new things based on your feedback over the next few weeks.

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