#224: Decrapifying Web Pages

Due to all the sidebars, ads, images and other junk that lives on a lot of web pages, printing stuff from the web often results is a big ol’ mess. And that’s not even considering the waste of ink and paper all that extra crap causes. Some sites will provide a printer friendly version, but more often than not, that feature is no where to be found.

So what can you do about it? Take matters into your own hands with these 3 handy bookmarklets that offer ways to print a “clean” version of any web page.

FYI – a bookmarklet is just a small bit of code stored as a bookmark in your web browser.

You can see in this example that there is more junk than substance. In this case, you could make a very valid case that the article is junk too but that’s something for another day! 8->

Printing this beast, ‘as is’ unnecessarily wastes 2 sheets of paper and a LOT of ink.


My personal favorite, Readability, turns any web page into a comfortable reading view right in your web browser. And even gives you some options for controlling what it looks like for reading and/or printing. | Get it here


Joliprint saves web pages as PDF for printing, sharing or reading later. Turn full pages into sharp looking PDF, including title, text, images, author, category, no ads, no navigation menu, etc with a single click. | Get it here


PrintFriendly also cleans and formats web pages removing ads, navigation and web page junk.
Get it here

Let me know if you try any of these and how it works for you. The trees and your wallet will appreciate it! Happy Earth Day!

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