#225 One Number to Ring Them All

How many phone numbers do you have? I see a lot of people carrying two cell phones in addition to their work and home phones. That’s four phone numbers to juggle and manage. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could give everyone just one number and then control which phone would ring? Well you can do exactly that and more with several free services that offer ‘conditional call forwarding’.

Common Features:

» Call Routing: Which people ring which phones and when.

Set a schedule for which phone to ring when. For example, anyone who calls on a weekday between 8am-5pm would be directed to your work number. After 5 and on weekends your cell phone would ring. And everyday after 9pm is directed straight to voicemail except for certain family members who will ring to your home phone.

» Voicemail Delivery Options: Get your voicemails sent to you via text, email & audio files.

» Online Message Center: A personal web for managing your call lists and voice mails.

Some Services To Consider:

Google Voice: Read more about what Google Voice can do including voice mail transcription, free SMS texting and free calling.

Ribbit Mobile: Ribbit Mobile is offers a similar service to Google Voice. Users can keep their own phone number and link to as many other accounts as they would like including home phone and business phone.Two versions are currently available, a free Basic version and a Pro version. iPhone and BlackBerry apps for the service are under development. | More details from Ribbit.com

YouMail: Similar to Ribbit and Google Voice. A basic version of YouMail is completely free, and additional features start at $1.99 per month. | More details from YouMail.com

I’ve tried all three of these and they all work very well. It takes about 2 minutes to get started and it is very handy. Do you use anything similar to this? What are your favorite phone tricks? Let me know.


2 thoughts on “#225 One Number to Ring Them All

  1. Hey Mike,
    Great tips (as always!)

    I use google voice for free calls. I get 5 numbers I can call “unlimited” on my cell plan. So the Google number is one of them. When I need to use my cell phone for a lengthy call, I just dial up the google voice number and go through it to place the call. The google number is free for me, and google places the call at no charge.



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