#229 Tabbed Web Browsing

So you’re browsing the web and want to another page without closing the one you’re on. What do you do? Maybe you know how to open a new window ( File » New Window ), but that can get out of hand pretty quickly—before you know it you have 10 different windows strewn about your desktop. Luckily, there’s another solution you may not have known about: tabs

Here at AEP, we’ve just recently updated to Internet Explorer 8 – the first “officially blessed” browser that supports tabs. I’m guessing that many of you may have been enjoying tabbed web browsing for some time now but this is for anyone who still hasn’t made the switch.

Tabs allow you to open multiple sites/pages at once within the same window. This week we’ll take a quick look at how to use them.

Opening a New Tab

If you find yourself in need of a new tab to visit another site there are several way to open a new tab.

1. From the File menu select New Tab

2. Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + T

3. Click the small blank tab to the right of any existing tabs.

You can open as many tabs as you want at one time, and switch between them easily, making web browsing much more convenient.

Closing a Tab

To close a tab, just hover over the small “x” on the side of the tab (it’ll be either on the left-hand side or the right-hand side of the tab, depending on what browser you’re using).

Opening a Link in a New Tab

Once you’ve fallen in love with tabs, (and you will) you’ll want to know how to open links directly into a new tab. If you ever want to open a link without losing your place on the current page, you can easily open that link in a new tab with a simple right click.

Click on the link with your right mouse button and choose the “Open Link in New Tab” option. A new tab will sweep open, just as before, but it won’t be blank—it’ll be the page that link led to. That way, you can come back to that page later, when you’re finished with the page you’re on (or vice versa). All it took was two clicks, and you didn’t even have to lose your place!

If you like tabs, there is even an add-in that will give you this tab functionality in Microsoft Office.


2 thoughts on “#229 Tabbed Web Browsing

  1. Mike,
    As a follow up to this, you might want to let people know about where to change default tab behavior. Recently a fellow asked for help on his computer. I looked at his desktop and saw he still had multiple ie8 windows open. His default tab settings were to open a new tab in a new window and to open links in a new tab in a new window. Went to “tools”, “internet options” and set his tab behaviors. Now he effciently works in one window with multiple tabs open.



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