#230 Displaying Two or More Tabs of an Excel Worksheet

Continuing our tab theme from last week, let’s take a look at how to view two tabs of the same Excel worksheet. This is much better than trying to continuously flip back and forth between them. Here is what it looks like.

How It Works

1. First you’ll need to select New Window from the Window menu.

2. Next, switch to this new window, and click a sheet you want to view.
( You can do this for as many sheets as you want to view.)

2. From back in the Window menu, click Arrange

3. Then select the arrangement option you want. Selecting the Windows of active workbook is what gives you a view of tabs from the same file.

For you Office 2007/2010 folks it’s very similar except you can access it from the ribbon under View and you have a few additional options as well.

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