#231 Navigating a Selected Range of Cells in Excel


If you do much work at all in Excel, you probably already know a few handy keyboard shortcuts that take you to the very beginning and very end of your worksheet’s data.

CTRL + Home takes you to cell A1 and CTRL + End takes you to the end of your worksheet’s data which is often helpful. But, what can you do if you select a large range of cells in the middle of your spreadsheet that you’d like to navigate? In this case, jumping to the very beginning or very end is of no use.

Navigating a Selected Range

Fortunately, you can navigate through a selected range by changing the active cell and move quickly around that range. To change the active cell, select a range of cells and then press
CTRL + .

This jumps you to the next clockwise corner of your selected range. Simply repeat it to continue on to the next corner until you get where you want to be.

Changing a Selected Range

You can also use a SHIFT + any arrow key combination to expand or shrink the cells included in your selected range.

See It In Action

Like it? Hate it? Have any questions? Have a better idea? Let me know!


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