#232 Do you F5?

There are several quick and easy ways to jump your way around an Office document or spreadsheet. One of my favorites is the F5 key. F5 takes you to the GoTo dialog box allowing you to jump to a specific place.

NOTE: You can also get here via [CTRL] + G or the Edit > GoTo menu


In Microsoft Word, pressing F5 brings up the “Go To” dialog box. (It may look a bit different depending on which version of Microsoft Word you’re using.) Type in a page number, like 15, and press Enter and you quickly zoom right to the top of page 15. You can also use this to browse your document by sections, tables, graphics, comments and more. The longer your documents the more valuable this trick is.


In Excel, F5 also gives you the Go To dialog box, but it works differently. Just type in a cell and press Enter to jump directly to that cell. If you have any named ranges, they’ll show up here and you can jump to them too. Again, the bigger your spreadsheet to more helpful it can be.

There are more advanced ways of using the Go To dialog box in both applications, so go explore them a little bit and let us know if you find anything you like.






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