#233: Replacing Fonts in PowerPoint

You’ll love this week’s tip if any of the following scenarios sound familiar:

» You combine slides from other people/other presentations

» You inherit presentations from someone else

» You often start with pre-defined templates

In all of these scenarios, it’s possible and even likely that you’ll wind up with slides that use a font you did not choose. For example, you might have inherited some slides that have been infected with the dreaded Comic Sans font.

[ NOTE: Please don’t ever use Comic Sans font unless your audience is under the age of 5. ]

PowerPoint has an little known Replace Font feature that allows you to replace every occurrence of a font in your presentation with another one.

How To Use It

You can access Replace Font via the Format menu.

In 2007/2010 versions you’ll find this on the home tab under Replace » Replace Fonts.

To use it, start by selecting the font that you want to replace in the first list, and the new font that you want to use in the second list. Then click Replace and PowerPoint will make this change throughout your entire presentation.

One word of caution…not all fonts are created equal. A size 24 in one font can be very different from a size 24 in a different font. You’ll probably want to do a quick scan through your presentation to make sure the new font didn’t cause any unwanted sizing problems.

6 thoughts on “#233: Replacing Fonts in PowerPoint

  1. Dianna T. says:

    I really enjoy your tips of the week! Thought I’d add in there…I use the slide master to set the font and layout “tone” of presentations I’m working with. I’m not sure how well it would work on an existing presentation, but for beginning construction of a new one it works!

    Thanks Mike 🙂


    • Yes, Dianna the slide master is another good way to handle this. One thing that’s handy with those is the Reset Layout option which will revert the fonts & layout back to match what the master settings are if they’ve been changed.


    • Glad you like it Karen. It *IS* very handy. It’s also a quick way to see what fonts are in a presentation….all fonts in use are listed in the “Replace” drop-down.


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