#236 Start Pages

This week I’d like to ask you about something that many people probably give very little, if any, thought to. What is your browser’s start page? Another, possibly better way to ask this question is ‘What do you see in your web browser when you first open it?’

For the vast majority of people here at AEP it’s probably the AEPnow page. That’s the default and I’m betting not many people ever change it. Did you know that you can make this anything you want it to be? And that you can even open more than one site at a time when you start your browser?

Here are two different approaches to consider:

1. Automatically open a certain site (or set of sites)

2. Display a sort of ‘mission control’ page containing links to sites you commonly visit

Option #1: Automatically Open Site(s)

If your regular routine involves repeatedly visiting the sites this option is for you. For instance, the screenshot below shows a setup that opens the NY Times, Weather.com, Wall Street Journal & ESPN. Maybe you prefer AEPnow, a SharePoint or any other internal sites. You can mix & match internal, external and anything you can view in your browser.

The easiest way to set this up in Internet Explorer is to open all the sites you want to be displayed upon startup exactly the way you want them. Then go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options… on the General tab click the Use current button.

Option #2: The ‘Mission Control’ Page

This approach is better if you are not as regimented in the sites you visit and/or if you have a slow connection and don’t want sites loading to slow you down when you start your browser. Basically this option allows you to customize a set of links that you can visit at the click of your mouse. Think of this as a sort of speed dial for your computer. Here are two of the many options you can use for this approach.


Below, you can see my Internet Explorer start page. Again you can include any internal or external sites you want. This one even gives you an option for choosing the colors and icons of the buttons. You can check it out at http://www.symbaloo.com/

Speed Dial:

At home where I use the Google Chrome, I use the Speed Dial extension. Speed Dial is similar and let’s you specify how many buttons you want (from 3-81). You can get the Speed Dial extension for Chrome at here

Show & Tell

OK, now you’ve seen my start pages. Let me see yours. Send me a screenshot of your start page and what you like about it.

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