#237 Presentation Handouts

One of the things I hope to see someday is the end of ‘Death by PowerPoint’, which is easily identified by the serious case of ‘slideument-itis’ that usually accompanies it. (Hey! A guy can dream can’t he?) Slideuments are what you get when you try to merge a document with a slide and the result is always BAD!

So that you’ll never be guilty of inflicting this terrible disease upon others, you’ll want to know how to create appropriate handouts. Remember, if you want to do both well, your slides are NOT your handouts!

Using the PowerPoint Notes Pane is one great option that we’ve talked about before and the way that I like to handle my handouts. If you don’t like that option, nor any of the other PowerPoint printing formats, you still don’t have any excuse for inflicting your audience with brain numbing, text-laden slides.

Send Your Presentation to Word

Did you know that you can use the Send to Word feature to make slide thumbnails, notes, or blank lines that you can modify as necessary to provide a customized handout for your audience?

How It Works

This is a very simple thing to do. Just look under the File menu for the Send to Word… option. This will give allow you to select which of the layouts you’d like to have in your new Word document. Just pick one and let Word generate your new handout for you. If you like you can format and/or edit this document to give it a few finishing touches.

If you are concerned about last minute changes to your PowerPoint file not getting reflected in your handout document using the Paste link option will automatically update your Word handouts with any changes you make in PowerPoint. Pretty cool huh?!?!?

Office 2007/2010: Look for Save & Send under the File menu, then select Create Handouts

Here are some examples of the types of layouts you can use:

Remember. Friends don’t let friends harm others with bad PowerPoints!

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