#240 Keeping Your Audience Focused

By now, you probably know that I’m not a fan of bullet points in presentations. However, I will grant you that there are times when you do need to display a list of some sort. For those occasions, I’d like to share a cool little trick that let’s you display each item one-by-one and highlight only the current one. This helps you keep your audience focused on what your talking about instead of having scanning your entire list, and therefore, not listening to what you’re saying.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

How It Works

This effect is very easy to achieve via the animation settings. Assuming you’re already specified an Entrance animation effect, here is how it’s done.

1. With your text box selected, in the Custom animation pane, click the drop-down for the animation/item your working with and select Effect Options…

NOTE: You can access the Custom Animation pane via the Slideshow menu. In PPT 2007/2010 it’s under the Animation tab.

2. On the Effect tab use the After animation drop-down to specify what color you want your text to be dimmed to after it appears.

3. Click OK. Now go and view your slideshow to see how it looks.

If you’re curious feel free to grab a copy of my PowerPoint file and check it out for yourself.


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