#242 Super Fast Word Formatting

No matter what kind of Word documents you work with, odds are they need at least some form of formatting. Here are five types of formatting that are faster than a speeding bullet-point.

Applying Styles

I realize that not everyone uses styles, but maybe you should. Your missing out on some pretty powerful stuff. For those of you who do use them, here are some super quick shortcuts for applying styles.

{CTRL} + {SHIFT} + N    Applies the Normal style

{CTRL} + {SHIFT} + L    Applies the List Bullet style

{CTRL} + {ALT} + 1          Applies Heading 1 style

{CTRL} + {ALT} + 2         Applies Heading 2 style

{CTRL} + {ALT} + 3         Applies Heading 3 style

{CTRL} + {SHIFT} + S    Moves you to the Style box on the formatting toolbar.

In Word 2007/10: This will open the Apply Styles dialog box, where you can choose any style available to the document.

Adjusting Font Size

Everybody changes the font size at some point. These two tricks for changing the font size are very similar. Can you spot the difference?

{CTRL} + ]   –  Increases selected text by 1 point

{CTRL} + [   –  Decreases selected text by 1 point

{CTRL} + {SHIFT} + >   –  Bumps up the selected text to the next largest installed point size

{CTRL} + {SHIFT} + <   –  Bumps down selected text to the next smallest installed point size

Line & Paragraph Spacing

These are great for adding a white space to improve the readability of a document…and much better than adding a bunch of empty paragraphs.

{CTRL} + 0  (zero)   –  This one is a toggle that creates/removes 12 pts of white space above the selected paragraph(s). This is better than adding empty paragraphs.

{CTRL} + 5   –  Applies 1.5 line spacing

{CTRL} + 2   –  Double-spaces the selected paragraph(s).

Copy Only Formatting

This is the keyboard shortcut for the Format Painter function. .

{CTRL} + {SHIFT} + C   –  Copies only the formatting from the current selection.

{CTRL} + {SHIFT} + V   –  Pastes only the formatting to the new selection.

Removing Manually Applied Formatting

If you have ever had to do battle with your documents formatting, these are great for cleaning up the ones with ‘less than optimal’ formatting. For example, if you’ve ever tried to apply a style and it didn’t work, this trick is for you. These will remove all the manual, direct formatting and allow the style settings to display appropriately.

{CTRL} + {SPACEBAR}   –  Removes manual, character formatting, returning the formatting of the default character style.

{CTRL} + Q   –  Removes the manual, paragraph formatting, leaving just the formatting of the paragraph style applied to the selected paragraph(s)


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