#248 Finders, Keepers. Losers, Weepers

Most people spend a significant part of our online time searching. Probably the first thing and comes to mind when you think about searching is Google (or some similar search site.) Although there may be more to searching than you may think we’ve covered that pretty well before. This week I’d like to share a handy trick that I use almost everyday — CTRL + F

Using the Find Command

Have you ever clicked on one of the results from Google that looks like what you’re looking for only to arrive on a page with lots and lots of content making it hard to find what you’re after? Or what about opening a long document and trying to find the relevant text to answer your question?
In most programs you can simply use CTRL +F to search whatever site, page or document you are viewing.

Here’s what it looks like in Internet Explorer:

How It Works

1. Press CTRL+F.

2. Simply type the word to look for and press ENTER.

Piece of cake right? Well now that you know that little trick you are smarter than 90% of computer users.


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