#251 PowerPoint: Cliffs Notes Version

This week wraps up our theme of squeezing a little learning into short windows of opportunity with the PowerPoint version of our Cliffs Notes. I hope you’ve learned something worthwhile and that you’ll make a habit of taking the time to learn something new!

The Basics:

CTRL + N  ↔  Create a New presentation

CTRL + O ↔  Open an existing presentation

CTRL + S ↔  Save current presentation

CTRL + P ↔  Print

Presenting (Slide Show View):

F5 ↔  Launch slideshow (from 1st slide)

SHIFT + F5 ↔  Launch slideshow (from current slide)

B ↔  Toggle to/from a black screen

W ↔  Toggle to/from white screen

Number + ENTER ↔  Jump to that slide #    ( For example  5 + ENTER ↔  Jumps to slide #5  )

CTRL + P ↔  Change pointer to a pen

CTRL + A ↔  Change pointer to an arrow

E ↔  Erase annotations

HOME ↔  Go to 1st slide

END ↔  Go to last slide

ESC ↔  End the slide show


CTRL + D ↔  Duplicate selected item(s)

CTRL + M ↔  Insert New slide

CTRL + A ↔  Select All

Arrow key ↔  Using any of the arrow keys will ‘nudge’ the seleced slide object(s) in that direction

ALT + F9 ↔  Show/hide alignment guides

SHIFT + F9 ↔  Show/hide grid

If you’d like to see more check out the full list of PowerPoint shortcuts.

P.S.  In case you missed them you can see the Word version here and the Excel version here.

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