#257 Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

If you are one of the increasing number of people who spend time at your “third place” you may find yourself working without a plug. There seems to be some kind of Murphy’s Law for the presence of electrical outlets.  The number of available outlets is inversely proportionate to your need for one.  So here are a few things you can do to make your battery last longer…or hopefully, at least long enough until you can plug back in again.

1. Reduce Brightness to Minimum:

The brighter your laptop display is set, the more battery it will use. So dim it to the lowest setting you can handle and your battery will thank you.

2. Switch WiFi Off:

WiFi eats a lot of battery power, so if you don’t need to be online, try switching it off. When you need the Internet, just switch it back on again.

3. Adjust Sleep Settings:

It makes sense to change how soon your inactive laptop “sleeps” when you’re trying to reduce your energy consumption and making your laptop’s battery last. Often this is handled by adjusting your power scheme (See item #5 below.)

4. Uninstall or Disable Flash:

If you don’t need to use any Flash-based sites, you can save up to 30% of power by blocking, or if possible, even uninstalling Flash altogether. Fortunately there are some handy browser add-ins that can help you deal with this: ClicktoFlash and Flashblock

Apparently, there is a hidden way to do this in Internet Explorer that I haven’t tried it yet so if anyone has, let me know how that works and if it’s worth the effort.

5. Adjust your Power Settings:

Depending on what kind of laptop you there is probably a set of options you can select to maximize your battery life. For example, in Windows XP you can find an option of “Max Battery” under Power Options in the Control Panel.

If you’re interested in even more ways to squeeze out some extra battery life check out this article “20 Ways To Increase Laptop’s Battery Life” and let me know if any of these work for you.

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