#258 Zoom! Zoom!

As computer screens get bigger and bigger with higher and higher resolutions, trying to read small text and even seeing images online have become an increasing challenge. This week we’ll see a few tricks to enlarge the text you’re reading online and save yourself some eye strain in the meantime.

Taking CTRL

Most popular web browsers will let you increase/decrease the text on a web page by using the handy keyboard shortcut: CTRL and + or –

If you prefer, you can also use the wheel on your mouse while holding the CTRL key on your keyboard to do the same thing. And CTRL + 0 (zero) will reset your text size back to the default.

This trick works most of the time but it isn’t a perfect solution since not all web pages automatically adapt the layout to the larger text size, potentially making some parts of the page unreadable.

Browser Settings

Most browsers will also let you permanently set your preferred text size via a browser setting. For Internet Explorer you’ll find this under the View menu. From there, go to Text Size and select the size you like.

Computer Resolution Settings

If you’d like to make this type of change to everything on your computer and not just the online stuff, you can change your resolution.

1. Right-click on your desktop and choose Settings

2. Click on the Settings tab and find the slider for Screen Resolution.

3. Sliding the control to the left will make the text on your computer bigger.

NOTE: If you have two screens click on the one you want to change (1 or 2) before moving the slider control for the resolution. Each screen is controlled separately.


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