#259 Selecting Overlapping PowerPoint Objects

Occasionally, when you work with slide objects that overlap each other, it can get a little tricky to select the objects that are behind the others. The most common example of this is when a text box is on top of a shape or image that you want to work with. But when you try to click on the shape, you can’t because it is covered by the text box.

Of course you could drag the text box somewhere else, but then you’ve got to put it back right?

Pressing your tab key will cycle through all your slide objects so you can get that shape selected without moving anything. After it’s selected you can make your changes and be done without having to worry about moving everything back.

Just keep pressing that Tab key until you get what you want!

I know at least one other way to solve this problem without moving anything on the slide? Do you?

3 thoughts on “#259 Selecting Overlapping PowerPoint Objects

  1. Bill Davidson says:

    You can hold down the right button and drag it to select the desired box. In order to select just the one you want, you have to start from a location that will allow the selction without including the entire other box. It’s not hard once you practice a couple of times.

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