#261 Highlighting Documents

Do you ever highlight documents as you read them? I am a big highlighter when I’m really trying to focus on learning and retaining information from documents that I’m reading. It makes reviewing easier for me and calls out the important parts for others.

Did you know you that Word and a number of other programs have a highlighter built right in?

Microsoft Word

In Word 2007/2010 you can simply select the text you want to highlight then press [CTRL] + [ALT] + H This is a toggle, so simply repeat the same steps to remove the highlight.

In older versions of Word you can find the highlighter button on the Formatting toolbar …or make your own highlighting shortcut.

PDF Viewers:

Most PDF viewers also have this highlighting ability. In Adobe Reader X just look for the highlighter on the toolbar

PowerPoint & more

For applying this to your PowerPoint presentations, here are seven ideas for emphasizing text in PowerPoint…and it even works in email too!

6 thoughts on “#261 Highlighting Documents

  1. Sharon Tharp says:

    I wanted to say how much I appreciate the format that you present these bits of information to us. They are small enough to be remembered and large enough to have good content.

    We are getting info blasts from IT at Corp.and I don’t even look at them because they are so formal and it is like looking it up in a manual.

    Keep up the good work


  2. George Six says:

    Have you tried “SnagIT” ? It is soooo much more than the old PrintKey Pro that we used to use at SLC. If you haven’t tried it there is a 30 day free trial available. Just google/bing it and let us all know how large (Kb) it is compared to your copy and paste, etc.
    George Six


    • George I was just in on beta testing for SnagIt’s latest version and have been a big fan of theirs for a long time. You are right, Print Key doesn’t even compare IMHO. Thanks for the comment and I hope you are doing well!


  3. Terry Puckett says:

    Another great tip. And especially useful because as I’ve tried to move away from “death by PowerPoint” practices, my use of graphics has increased.


  4. J P Nickless says:

    Really enjoy your emails and put many of them to use. I always wondered about the differnce in a .bmp, jpg,gif, png and etc files. You answered the .bmp but weould love to know the pros and cons of the different formats in a future tip. Thanks again for the goodies!


  5. Terry Puckett says:

    Hey, Mike, I really appreciated the seven ideas for emphasizing text in presentations. Some good suggestions there. Now if I can just remember to consider those possibilities the next time I’m scheduled to make a presentation.


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