#264 Word Formatting Detective

If you’ve ever struggled with formatting a Word document, you might be interested in learning how to figure out exactly what formatting has been applied to any/all parts of your document.

The details available in the Reveal Formatting pane, located under the Formatting menu, can help figure out just why in the heck your text doesn’t look like you want it to.

SHIFT + F1 is the quickest way to access this. In older versions you’ll have to click on the text you’re analyzing. In newer, versions it will analyze the selected text.

This handy little trick will give you lots of details about your text, such as the font, paragraph and line spacing, styles, and language. You can expand or collapse these details as needed to focus on the specific details you’re interested in.

Some of the things you can do while you’re poking around in there include:

Change Existing Formatting

Simply click any of the hyperlinked text (the stuff with a blue underline) to open the appropriate dialog box and change any settings you want.

Learn How It Got That Way:

To determine whether the formatting was manually applied or if it comes from a style, select the Distinguish style source check box.

Compare It To Another Selection:

If you check the Compare to another selection check box and then select another block of text Word will automatically tell you the differences between two.


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